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POLL: Should Autonomous Weapons Be Banned?

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Mute Bystander writes:

Rod I Robertson, (I checked before I said this so I am aware you are a Canadian,)from an American Viewpoint humans have no right to happiness (growing up as a blue collar kid around rich people I knew a lot of unhappy successful families) but "… Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…" so let me push that quibble off the table first.

That aside, I think through most of history human leaders have had a relatively ethics free approach of the application of force, especially towards colonial malcontents and foreign armies. World War 1, anyone? Poison Gas, flamethrowers, minefields and barbed wire?

I would argue that the late 20th century saw more, not less, concern to minimize collateral damage as the weaponry became more deadly, perhaps even becoming a main factor int he drive for precision weaponry.

If you cross a known "green" (red/blue/white/other) line and LAWS kill you then the liability is on you, the offender.

I rather doubt mass deployment of LAWS domestically except in securing zones the public would/should not be allowed in anyway.

There are traditions in the world to compensate death.

Changing "Blood Money" – see link – to compensation may have prettied up the name but many laws in history have existed to take the onus off an act from an individual (human or government or corporation) and "compensate" a family for a loss. I suspect as an alternative to a blood feud – link – or vendetta it has merit.

Finally, I thought I was a cynic but you far exceed my level of suspicion of governments. Never confuse conspiracy with serendipity, dumb luck or coincidence. Governments are naturally bureaucratic and incompetent. It is their saving grace.

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According to Human Rights Watch:
[F]ully autonomous weapons would not only be unable to meet legal standards but would also undermine essential non-safeguards for civilians… [They] should be banned and… governments should urgently pursue that end.
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