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POLL: Does Anyone Else Dislike Simultaneous Movement?

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Oldenbarnevelt Inactive Member writes:

Yee gads, we have a whole generation of gamers who have never played simultaneous movement games. And, some of these complain how there is no innovation in games now days. Duh, write some rules with SM (not to be confused with S & M).

On the issue of gamesmanship, simply force players to commit to an action through an action chit prior to movement; end of gamesmanship.

Simultaneous movement in games, if based on "realism", is flawed from the get-go. For one thing, someone ALWAYS fires first, someone always moves first. The "other side" then reacts.

Let's see John, after we had moved through Tu Doc we received fire from a VC ambush. So we moved and then they fired. Then they stopped firing so we could take our turn and fire. WAIT, they didn't stop firing so we could fire. They kept on firing while we were firing. Now that's really unsportsmanlike.

Oh well John, another great theory blown to hell.

SM is based on the challenge of having to make decisions without knowing before hand what the enemy is going to do. It seems like we had to do that a lot.

Sequential movement is known as movement with complete knowledge. That is you just saw everything the enemy had done and you could respond appropriately. Those damn VC never would cooperate along those lines.

So Connard, I will venture to say that your problem was not with SM but the gamesmanship and conflict resulting from unregulated SM. Regulate it in terns of action chits and the conflicts are over. That is unless your playing with a real jerk in which case the type of movement is irrelevant.


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Connard Sage Inactive Member declares...

Does anyone else dislike simultaneous movement? I do. A poster on another thread made the comment that he gets bored waiting for his turn during IGO/UGO games. That isn't my experience, I get to do housekeeping, planning, reading through the rulebook…

I've seen more grown men close to fisticuffs during sim-movement games than I've seen in the average pub at chucking-out time. The arguments over who does what, where and when can be endless, especially if (and I try to avoid them like the plague) your opponent(s) is a 'win at all costs' merchant. At least while I'm sitting waiting I can keep my eye on the Bleeped text.