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POLL: Is a Preposition a Terrible Thing to End a Sentence With?

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unknown member writes:

So the answer to John's question would be depends on where the sentence is.

Leavenworth, 20 to life!
Quit running around with a dangling participle!

That isn't his participle…
Let's go out a split a few infinitives while we're at it.

"Better infinitives than hares." My Gran always says after Gramps goes rabbit hunting.(and you thought that was a typo…)
Great another poll about grammar.

Who cares?

There's no pleasing some people!
Only that I figure this is a feature not to be abused, am I wrong?

But you must realize that it revels in the abuse.
I don't understand the question.

Has that ever stopped any of us before?
Honestly, I don't know which other languages do use such a grammatical structure,

Give Linear B a test spin, then take Sanskrit out.
The problem with English, you see, is that it's really poorly pronounced German

Actually what we see as English, is the result of Norman knights trying to have sex with good Anglo Saxon lasses.

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unknown member declares...

I stand as a proud heretic here, and think it's a pedantic thing to get upset about.