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POLL: TMP Procedural Question - Allegations of Wrongdoing

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Personal logo Dasher Supporting Member of TMP writes:

I have nothing but contempt for thieves of intellectual property, but all too often this sort of thing is a "chicken or the egg" issue, and therefore better resolved in court rather than made grist for the argument mill in a hobby forum.
On the other hand, if the original author is undeniably known and the plagiarist is blatant in their abuse…
As a writer who once had a good friend whose life was mostly ruined, but certainly defined, by a decades-long struggle to retrieve his proprietary rights to his own intellectual property, I hold that willful plagiarists of other's work and deliberate thieves of intellectual property should be chained to a pole in the public square, disembowelled, and their entrails fed to wild dogs who would then merrily run about the streets spreading the intestines of the worthless SOBs thither and yon as they watched their vitals being dragged off by thieves, just to give them a good sense of how it felt.
Then I'd go after their families.
After all, what could a thief possibly have to say that would interest an honest man?
Giving both of them a forum is to accept the honest man has no more right to make his case than the thief. It likewise accepts that the thief has as much right as the honest man to make an argument that they are somehow entitled to the property they stole…
They are not.
So, as stated above, best to steer clear unless the truth is known, and if it is… release the hounds.

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Gallowglass writes...

With reference to a recent frontpage article wherein one company accuses another of plagiarism, your opinion on the following is sought.
Good business reputations and a good name are difficult to earn, but shockingly easy to destroy. Nobody in the hobby wishes to see somebody (such as a recaster or a plagiarist) profit from their wrongful act on the back of another's hard work and research, but similarly it will be acknowledged by all right-thinking persons who cherish freedom of expression, a love for history, creativity and the right to do business that it is impossible to "unring a bell".

In the case of an allegation of wrongdoing made by one trader against another wherein the aggrieved party indicates that it wishes publication of an article containing the substance of said allegation, should the Editor of this website in the interest of transparency, impartiality and the search for a just outcome contact the alleged transgressor and invite comment on the substance of the allegation prior to publication?