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Personal logo 20thmaine Supporting Member of TMP writes:

Hmm…I beginning to rethink what I wrote – I'd better send another letter saying I'm intending to edit my previous input, then I'll send out a new letter with my more recent thoughts.

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Sane Max Inactive Member wonders out loud...

'Sane Max, you are a git, and I bet you musta been Dawghoused a dozen times, you gittish gitty git'

"Well actually old chap I think you will find I have only been.. oh, actually I have no idea how many times I have been Dawghoused and I suspect Bill has no way of telling either."
Now, every decision I make at work has to have an audit trail. If I decide to allow Company X to borrow a coupla mil, I need to make sure I have dotted my 't's, crossed my 'i's and have the paperwork to prove it.

I therefore propose that when we are Dawghoused, Bill has to send us a letter, by post, written on nice paper.

My proposal may sound mad. The line between Madness and Brilliance is a thin one. Not only will Bill hesitate to DH people as it will not be worth the paperwork, but it will also lend a pleasant 'Ooh Look I have been considered unworthy of publicly expressing my opinions …mmmm nice Stationery' moment to many older TMP members' day. I suspect some of us get very few letters from people, and would welcome them in much the same way Grandpa Simpson likes Jehovah's Witnesses.