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POLL: Too Much or Not Enough Democracy on TMP?

497 votes were cast.

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Frederick Supporting Member of TMP writes:

You know, Voltaire did think that "despotism eclair" was the best form of government, and despite his questionable choices of friends he was a smart cookie

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John the OFM muses:

I would be much happier if Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian would simply do what he thinks best, instead of having polls about how TMP should be run.

Perhaps the most pointless poll was over whether Flames of War deserved its own Board. It got less than 17% of the votes, and yet there it is, with its own board.

I voted "NO," along with the vast majority who did not think that any game deserved its own Board. I also love the game, by the way. grin

What annoyed me was the whole charade of having a poll in the first place, and then the hand waving and legerdemain of "Well, enough people supported it."

I bet we can find 17% of the people in the USA willing to re-introduce slavery. That would be several million people! Is that enough?

Why not just have a vote on anything, ignore who has the majority, and just go with "Well, an arbitrarily assigned minimum number of people supported it, so it's in."

Since the results of polls obviously do not matter, why not just let Management do whatever it wants?

Frankly, I would prefer that. I would rather just let Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian do what he thinks is right for TMP, and not use a farcical poll for smokescreen. It would be more honest, and less irritating. If he wants a FoW board, just do it. Don't set up a poll and make up some new way to interpret the results when it doesn't come out right.