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POLL: DHing for Personal Attacks

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HammerHead Inactive Member writes:

I was DHed & it was not by the person that I was irritated at who complained but some other butt-head who `grassed` & see n fit to snitch to the ED. Me & the person I was irritated at were DH for disorderly conduct in the lounge. If the are no rules things would grt out of control very quickly.

I guess it takes a while before people `get` peoples sence of humour/personality. So,Grand Duke what roll on the dice would I need to counter attack??

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only if the victim complains
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in all cases
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no opinion
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Personal logo John the OFM Supporting Member of TMP wonders...

So, here I am, trying to dictate Policy to Dear Editor, after saying that he should stop listening to the Peanut Gallery.


"Should DHing for a Personal Attack only be considered if the victim complains?"

I have never (well, hardly ever*) hit the [!] complaint button when I have been "personally attacked." In fact, I have even started a few "Free that Miserable Bastard!" threads when someone has been DHed for attacking me.

I strongly feel that only the one offended has the right to complain. If Little Lord Fauntleroy feels the need to complain when Sergeant Slaughter attacks me, too bad if I did not complain.

* I made an exception if I was retaliating, and I ended up in the DH. So, I hit the [!] while behind bars. Sue me, or call me a hypocrite if you wish. I will not complain.