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POLL: Pre-Battle Determiners: 'Good!' or 'Get on with it!'?

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evilleMonkeigh writes:

Straight out point-based death matches… eeeewww!

Random scenarios = good

If you want a perfect pre-made balanced game, I hear chess is popular and I suspect a travel chess set will cost a tad less than the latest Warhammer/Warmachine army and codex bundle.

EDIT: I hear 'white' is a bit overpowered in the current chess rules cos it automatically wins the initiative roll…

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Uesugi Kenshin Supporting Member of TMP ponders...

My question here concerns what takes place before your minis hit the gaming table. Do you prefer to just play a set scenario or a battle with a given number of points on each side? Or, do you prefer a battle in which some pre-gaming dice-rolls (tables, modifiers, etc…) might determine what troops actually show up and where?

Some gaming systems include pre-battle dice rolls be made to determine how your leader is feeling that day, if your flank-marching troops show up, does your force get an unexpected last-minute reinforcement, or does a shroud of fog suddenly roll in at the last minute over the battlefield?

I find these little "what ifs" to be fun and beneficial. They can even make the same standard scenario fun to play multiple times with the same forces due to the multiplicity of pre-battle conditions and outcomes. Others may find that these are unnecessary distractions and delays to playing with their pre-planned force they brought to play with.

In particular, I remember the original Rogue Trader book having an extensive pre-battle random 100 percentile dice set of tables to not only determine where you would battle, but all kinds of sub-plots that I found fascinating. It basically gave you the ability to play completely random scenarios or campaigns with just a few rolls of the dice.

So how do you feel? Are pre-battle random events that could affect your forces, the weather, or even the terrain (location) on which you battle a good thing, or should we just line up our minis and go at it?