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POLL: Mixing Figures From Different Manufacturers

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Terrement writes:

I end up like Weasel, but with more than three companies – all a function of what looks right.

For fantasy, not so much a problem with the non-humans. So in my lizardmen, I have Dragontooth (Saurians and Amphibians) RAFM Reptiliads, Heritage, Grenadier, Ral Partha, Reaper, Hordes, whoever does the armies of Aegyptus, GW, including the original version that looked like frogs, and at least two other "odds & sods" that were small companies that I liked, but they went out of business and I've never seen them since.

Humans? I'm more particular. My "go to " example is here:

As I started back when the main company with an extensive Old West line of figures was Dixon, I acquired many of them. I'd say that although stockier than the old Foundry, they fit very well. It is easy enough with basing techniques to get them so they don't look out of place with the next several, nominally 28mm figs. To that middle section, I'd include Knuckleduster, Brigade Games.

The jump to the "heroic 28mm/30mm/32mm is fine on its own, but I just don't like the look the appearance of giants with hand cannons fighting "little people" with pop guns. Others do it with no problem – I choose to not do so. Just looks out of place to me. I don't accept the argument that just because the world produces folks the size of Mini Me and Kareem Abdul Jabar that groups of both of them would be commonly seen in the same place at the same time.

I do have a much smaller number of the larger figs (Black Scorpion, Dead Mans Hand, Blackwater Gulch, others) where I'll mix them amongst themselves for a game, even if they are "too big" for the buildings.

My .02, YVMV.


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mix on same stands
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Winston Smith asks:

How much do you like mixing manufacturers?

Assuming the figures are compatible. Poll set up by Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian, based on this pre-poll discussion.

entire unit from one manufacturer
I will only make units from one manufacturer. I may have more than one in the same army though.
no opinion
I have no opinion.
mix on same stands
Happily mix them on the same stand. The more the merrier. Irregular units like AWI militia or Gauls and Vikings really benefit from variety.
entire army from one manufacturer
I will not start a period unless one manufacturer covers all my needs.
Please explain.