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POLL: Should the "Criticism of a News Source" Rule Be Dropped?

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mandt2 writes:

You mean…

Rich people,
paying rich people,
to tell middle-class people,
to blame poor people?

Why this obsession by some here with pushing the envelope when it comes to personal attacks, politics, science, religion, and whatever else? This is The Miniatures Page, right? Why here?

If you want to debate politics, why not head over to one of the many sites devoted to it? Afraid of getting your weenie whacked?

You think the NY Times is biased? Same thing. Head on over to their forums and see how you do.

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Winston Smith Supporting Member of TMP opines:

We already have a rule against discussing politics. Why do we need to add yet another inconsistently applied rule on top of it?

If I add, to quote loosely the FAQ, "The New York Times is just a left wing rag", I am already engaging in politics.

Yet I CAN criticize both the New York Daily News or the New York Post as being "only tabloids." Because they are published in a tabloid format, exactly like the National Enquirer.

And to be honest, I often find the Enquirer ahead of the rest of the pack. I knew about O J Simpson being a wife beater from scanning headlines in line at the supermarket two years before he killed her.

In fact, one might say that the NY Times is often almost as accurate as the Enquirer.

And when the Enquirer goes into politics, it often nails it.

I could go on…

This rule is so open to interpretation that I propose we drop it completely.

If criticizing Fox or MSNBC or National Review or the N Y Times is political, with the exception of the "10 year rule", then DH for politics.

Are we allowed to criticize Harper's Weekly for its coverage of Gettysburg? By the way the rule is written, I would say no.

And what about authors?

I would go further and remove the ban on politics and only DH for Bad Behavior. But let's take this a step at a time and concentrate on the "News Source Rule".

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