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POLL: Add a Naval Zone of Interest?

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Deucey writes:

I'm always in favor of fresh ground for crossposting!

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TheDreadnought Inactive Member proposes:

Naval wargaming is its own little niche. Many naval wargamers are interested in a variety of periods. There's virtually no crossover talk between the WWII or WWI boards (for example) and the naval sections of those boards. 95% of the time when topics do get cross-posted within those groups, it has absolutely no relevance to the naval wargamers.

With the recent growth of naval wargaming, I suggest it makes sense to create a "one-stop-shop" for naval wargamers.

I think this would really help unite the naval wargaming community, without detracting at all from the sections they would be coming from.

TMP currently has several Zones of Interest, such as Fantasy, Napoleonics, WWII Land Warfare. This proposal is to add Naval as a new Zone of Interest (and to necessarily eliminate the current WWII Naval Warfare Zone of Interest). This would allow readers to add or remove Naval from their website preferences, and create a new area in the main forum to which the existing naval boards would be relocated. All news stories involving naval wargaming would be tagged "naval" rather then to any specific historical or genre interest zone - for example, new Greek galley models would be a "naval" but not an "ancients" story.