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POLL: Anglo-Zulu War Movie from the Zulu Perspective

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Feet up now Inactive Member writes:

Produced by Mel Gibson?
HaHa nice one.
Still a chance perhaps?.Seen Shaka Zulu and found it a good viewpoint.

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Uesugi Kenshin Supporting Member of TMP reminisces...

When it comes to history, and in particular, military history... Hollywood always seems to be concerned with how the "white guy" saw it (Shogun, Zulu, The Last Samurai, and on and on).

Now I'm not against any of these movies in particular, but wouldn't it be refreshing for a change to see a movie from the (insert "traditional" terms: native, colonial, barbarian, etc.) view, rather than the traditional white guy in the foreigners' land tale?

I think, in particular, this would be a great story from a young Zulu warrior's perspective, if his story was told from right before the British invasion through to the last battle at Ulundi.

While I loved both the Zulu flicks (especially Zulu), I would much rather see the conflict thought the eyes of the real underdog (and victims), the Zulus, not the Brits!

The movie would be interesting (to me!) if it was told with a fog of war feel to it. The Zulus are unsure of the Brits' intentions or desires. The Zulu don't want the war but are unwilling to submit to the British demands. The size and composition of the British forces are largely unknown until contact.

The same could be said of other places and periods as well. I suppose I will never see Hollywood make a historically correct samurai movie that doesnt have a white guy in itů but I digress.

On to the poll: Would you support (pay cash to see in a theater) a well-made movie that follows a Zulu warrior in his experiences through the short but bloody Anglo-Zulu War?

Thanks for any input. Maybe we can convince Rudy Nelson and Ian Knight to hash out a script for us!