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POLL: Gaining Societal Insights Through Wargaming

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NoLongerAMember writes:

Now this poll is closed the results are interesting, the answer is Yes by the poll results.

More people voted yes than no, although no had the largest single score. (remember yes but with work, is still a yes)

So what did the poll show?

Firstly that its methodology was wrong, if there were 2 yes options there should have been 2 no options when it is a yes/no question. Perhaps it would have been run with yes/no/maybe as the options.

Secondly that gsmes can provide an insight.

Thirdly that this poll is a game and it showed a societal insight into that fraction of the world called wargamers who read TMP and vote in Polls.

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Personal logo Thomas Whitten Supporting Member of TMP muses...

Does this happen?

[In a previous discussion] people are pondering if the societal insights gained through wargaming Barsoom makes Barsoom a historical game. If those insights can be gained in such a game, then they could be gained in any wargame.

Now when I am wargaming 40K or gaming the Battle of Kadesh, I focus on tactics while enjoying nicely painted miniatures and terrain. Neither thoughts about the societal climate of England in the 70s and 80s which lead to the dark background of 40K nor the thoughts about Ramses need to use propaganda to turn a defeat into a victory every really cross my mind. If those thoughts do, it is because I learned of that information elsewhere and the game triggered a memory. Wargames are not suited to convey such information. And they will not do so unless the scenarios in mind are so utterly contrived as to be un-fun.

At least that is how I feel. At times (OK, all the time), I can be rather dense and slow in the uptake. I'd like to read what others think.

To clarify, I'm interested if playing the game itself gives the insight. So if one is unfamiliar with a period, can one gain any insight by just playing the game?