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Personal logo 20thmaine Supporting Member of TMP writes:

It's just a little icon saying if you chat with me I will do my best to have a conversation in an amicable and respectful way. I may disagree with you, and may argue with you forcefully, but I will limit myself to arguing the issue and attacking your arguments rather than attacking you. It says I am open to civil conversation and spirited debate or discussion but I will avoid interpersonal conflict and personal attacks

And so the absence of the icon implies what? That I'm "unmutual" ?

I'm willing to let my posts stand, and other TMPers judge for themselves. And Bill can throw me in the DH if I overstep the mark. "Wearing badges is not enough in days like these…."

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Rod I Robertson suggests:

Rage, recrimination and rancor have lately been more of a problem here on TMP. The solution seems to be to create more rules to constrain posters but alas, that has been of limited success. Wargamers are very adept at reading rules and finding ways to skirt around them. More rules will probably not work.

Perhaps it is time for a new direction. Would the membership be willing to accept and explicitly endorse an honor code and thus voluntarily contribute to restoring some measure of tranquility to the discussions which go on here? Perhaps the editors could add a wee icon to the names of those who have accepted to follow such a code to show all who come to TMP, who is willing to play nice and who might be looking for something else.

The terms of the honor code might be worked out by the editors or the forum membership, but once established, members would have the option to join. Joining would offer no advantage but would be an outward way of demonstrating that members want a more civil and harmonious TMP which is re-focused on constructive discussions about wargaming and miniatures. People posting topics which are not wargaming related would notice that honor code members would be less inclined to respond to their posts and when honor code members have a lapse (as we all do at times), gentle reminders from other honor code members might cool things down more quickly and with less fuss. Honor code members would hold themselves (and be held by the editors of TMP) to a higher standard of behavior. There would be no profit in it for the member, only the prospect of being viewed as a better digital citizen here on TMP.

For those who do not accept such a code (which is their inalienable choice), the lack of an honor code icon would inform all members that they are likely stepping into more dangerous territory and perhaps they should avoid such posts.

Poll set up by Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian, based on this pre-poll discussion.