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Heresy Miniatures writes:

I hate adding photosd. It's the cropping that does my head in; that and trying to get good photos with my crappy setup. I'm currently going through my entire range and sorting out painted pics for all the figs that have opnly got unpainted pics so far. So for the last week or two, I have achieved nothing else in terms of new figures sculpted etc. That's the biggest problem of all for us indies – stop spinning plate #1 and plate#2 comes crashing down. The second biggest problem is getting well-painted examples done. We tend to rely on the goodwill of our customers as we literally can't afford to actually pay anyone properly to paint stuff for us. The majority of the pics on my site come from people who've posted on the Forum of Doom or Coolminiornot.
Saying that, there is absolutely no excuse to not have SOME sort of picture, even one with a crappy background or some blurry extremes, on your website. I've never bought anythign online with out seeing it first, regardlessof it it is a mini or not. It's a ludicrous concept. Bigger companies with massive back catalogues to update should still have lots of photos taken over the eyars for fliers, that they could scan in.
The other thing I don't like is when you get pictures that are worthless – until recently, for instance, a certain manufacturer's online shop pics were about 20mm high, on-screen, and gave no real representation of the figures themselves – you couldn't make out any details at all. Thankfully, they seem to have sorted this out a bit.

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