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POLL: Do Great Figures Make You Start New Periods?

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KSmyth writes:

I voted no. I really have to have an interest in a period before I start a new project, or friends have to be interested in working together on something new.

This is an incredible age to be a miniature wargamer. I started in the middle seventies when all I could get were Minifigs and Hinchcliffe in 25mm and the periods they covered. Now there are an endless number of wonderful manufacturers and virtually every conflict can be covered with great figures. If I let a new figure range dictate what projects I was taking on, I'd have far more than the fifteen or so incomplete projects I already have.

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Uesugi Kenshin Supporting Member of TMP ruminates...

Most people have an interest in a certain historical area, period, battle or war, and then they go an buy the best (or most affordable) figures for that period.

Has (or could) it ever happened that you have seen a single miniature (or line of miniatures) that were so well done that they spurred you into collecting that genera although you had little or no interest in that period before (ie. Zulu wars, Sci-Fi, Aztecs, etc.)?

It's happened multiple times for me. Essex 15mm Aztecs had me look into Central American wargaming when I had absolutely no interest in the theme at all before seeing the miniatures. After nine years away from playing sci-fi-based games, Pig Iron Productions launched me back into the sci-fi realm on steroids! (I have since re-started 40K, Battlefleet Gothic, and Epic 40K). And Wargames Factory launched my interest in collecting colonial Brits and Zulus where I had no interest (and little knowledge) in the period before that.

So, to re-phrase the question, can a line of miniatures cause you to collect and game a period that you had no (or very little) interest in gaming before?