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Personal logo Parzival Supporting Member of TMP writes:

What, exactly, am I suppose to agree or disagree with? That sci-fi prior to 40K was "dull"? On what planet did that situation occur?
That generic designs allowed you to play any system or setting? Well, yes and no. Some things (like the aforementioned Star Wars Imperial Stormtroopers) are iconic, and naturally limit the setting when used (or exclude the setting when not used).
Or that the 40K look is pretty much limited to 40K (well, yes it is)? But as to "why would you want to play any other setting" the obvious answer is "because 40K isn't the setting I want to play." Duh.

EDIT: Oh, and going back again, it occurs to me that the Genestealers are nothing but a dead rip-off of Aliens, GW Terminators are just lifted from the novel Starship Troopers and rip-offs of countless artists' efforts to depict the same, and Necrons are Cameron's Terminators given a fantasy gloss, and the whole Eldar/Squats/Orks/Chaos thing is just a fairly obvious attempt to cram fantasy tropes from the WFB world into a spacey setting. Yes, it's all fun and a bit silly, and the fluff around it all is original (if, frankly, more than a bit overdone), but the core concepts are about as original as a ham sandwich, having been in the fantasy and science fiction world since before GW even existed.

So at first I chose no opinion, but now as I consider the inherent arrogance of the claims, I think I'll change my vote to "No, I disagree."

In conclusion, the people involved seriously need to "get over themselves." Yes, they created an iconic design for their setting, and a game with strong initial appeal, and marketed it with skill and zeal, and that worked very well for them. But the statement's inherent disregard for the efforts of others as if nothing before (or after) GW counted? I have a problem with that. Pffft. :-P

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Writing in White Dwarf #385, Aly Morrison recalls:
…Yes, I'm proud to say that I, along with Jes Goodwin and Bob Naismith, created the very first Space Marine plastic kit that came to be known as RTB01 (or Rogue Trader Box 1).

From a miniatures point of view what we added was a sense of timeless design, that these things whether Eldar, Orks or Space Marines had always been about. That was important because sci-fi wargames before that were, frankly, dull. You played with generic models that could represent any time or place. What we did was the opposite, there was no mistaking them as anything else than 40K, so why would you want to play in any other setting?
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