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POLL: What Effect Has Games Workshop Had on the Hobby?

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kallman writes:

@ sukhoi

I stand corrected about the airbrush cost. I guess since I'm working with much higher end equipment I forget that I too once started with less expensive gear.

I still don't agree that they fail to show other hobby product. As I stated before there is an section in the General's Compendium on terrain building were the writere talks about using "Woodland Sceanics" for trees. Also I'm always seeing references to "Seek out such and such at your hobby store. In fact Chad Menzra shows taking a plaster turtle model from a Micheals store and converts it in to a sea monster for Warhmmer. Now do they say go to "Micheals" to get this? No but that may be something to do with company policy, I just do not know. But anyone with some common sense can figure out that they need to expand out to find the tools and equipment they need in order to model miniatures.

On the GW going into historical debate; GW might be testing the waters. They offer two limited edition miniatures for the "Age of Chivilry" supplement for WAB. It has often been debated here on TMP what would happen if GW decided to make historical plastics like they do for their other games.

Part of me would like to see this and then again not. For one thing the GW regimental plastics sets are one of the best buys per figure in the entire miniature market. I know a few guys who use the Empire plastics to do late Middle Age and Renaisance WarGaming.

If GW were to make say Early Empire Romans or other popular eras in plastic it could make it very hard for independent historical companies.

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Reader kallman recently wrote:

...GW has a direct and indirect effect on the growth of the hobby. Games like Warmachine would most likely not be around if not for the interest created by Warhammer and 40K. Also many Historical Gaming manufacturers and products would not be around now, if not for the indirect effect of the former and current GW players expanding into other areas of wargaming.

So - what effect do you feel Games Workshop has had on the hobby?