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POLL: Are You Self-Indulgent?

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Personal logo Dances With Words Supporting Member of TMP Fezian writes:

Important stuff first!

-Stronty Girl...CHOCOLATE is NOT 'an indulgence', self or is one of the 4 food groups...Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate and everything else...(well, other than make it 5 food groups...8-) Chocolate is ESSENTIAL to the proper chemical/hormonal balance of a human being...ESPECIALLY the female of the species! Offer her diamonds, roses and chocolate...which do you think she'll pick???

Why the diamonds of course...laying on a bed of chocolate-covered rose-petals....are you daft or just being 'male'????

Second....there are those few individuals who view that if you do ANYTHING, ANYTIME for YOURSELF...instead of others...ESPECIALLY THEM...(such as two previous ex-wives), that you are 'self-indulgent'..Somehow, living only to 'serve'...isn't all it's cracked up to be. Next to chocolate and miniatures...alimony was one of my better 'investments'....

Having a privaledge and a AWESOME one at that...We all 'laugh' at shows (everybody loves raymond-ish), where the inlaws/outlaws bug the newlyweds till they get grandkids...which they can 'spoil rotten' and then SEND HOME! 8-/ NOT!

I'm a gramps 6? times over...and I didn't ASK for any of 'em....I'll love them of course...but 'my house, my rules'....or 'the golden rule-he who makes the gold/pays the bills-rules....'

SELF-indulgent....HECK YES, every chance I get! but my soul-mate/current wife gets 'first dibs'...because marrying her was the MOST 'self-indulgent' thing I've ever done...I married for someone who loves me just as I am, who doesn't try to 'change' me...and who I don't have to try to 'change' either...cause she's great just as she is! We're lovers, EQUAL partners, soul-mates...and bestest friends! EVERYTHING I could ever want in life, (other than my long-awaited SST stuff...), in one person.

So 'darn skippy' I'm self-indulgent and proud of it....but there is a difference between 'SI' and SELFISH....but that's a whole different poll....

Carpe' Chocolat'um!

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Self-indulgence has been defined as "excessive indulgence of one's own appetites and desires."

And indulgence is defined as "the act or an instance of indulging."

And indulge is defined as "yielding to desires and whims of, especially to an excessive degree" - also to enjoy to excess; unrestrained gratification; pampered.

Do you consider yourself to be self-indulgent?