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POLL: Ancients & Fantasy

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Terrement Inactive Member writes:

I can only answer for myself and my gaming, but much like Tony Bath and others who ran their campaigns, there are simultaneously ancients, medievals and fantasy.

Ancients have their own fantasy component – look at the Iliad for example. Similar examples on different scales can be found in other cultures as well.

In HOTT, IIRC, an Orc unit acting as blades and a Norman foot unit acting as blades and Roman legions acting as blades… are all essentially the same. R. E. Howard based his various nations on real world counterparts.

You could even argue that given the god's eye view of the gamer, knowledge of history, analysis of different games and their results and mini-maxing of certain armies within the rules (point wise) but ahistorical, knowledge of the opponent – both his game pieces and his usual gaming approach – all put you at an advantage over the historical counterparts that makes any game you play fantasy.

Ultimately, I don't think it matters – whatever definition suits you and your group is fine, even if different from others.


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Personal logo ochoin Supporting Member of TMP wonders:

Where do Ancients stop & Fantasy begin? Seeing threads on the Ancients boards concerning the Game of Thrones and This is Sparta and Ancient ImagiNations…. and, yes, even on the Trojans, I was wondering if there was a cut-off between Ancients and Fantasy, or is a certain blurring acceptable?

Please note: this is not a criticism of either period.

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