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POLL: 1st Ruleset for TMP Rulebook Club?

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Mr Elmo writes:

"Is the rules set that gets the most votes the ONLY one in the field of nominees to be reviewed"

Correct, people will play games using the chosen rule set and discuss their thoughts on that one rule set.

"why not invite all nominated rules set be reviewed? Or, indeed, print revies of any set of rules?"

Well, peeople are free to do that now so the Rulebook club wouldn't seem any different than normal operating procedure. The rulebook club is meant to operate like a normal book club.

Why do it this way? Primarily as an experiment to see you can have a wargame rulebook club. Consider the following thoughts that I have:

1) For most wargamers much of the fun of wargaming is in the thrill of the build. New rules, new figures, etc. Companies like Games Workshop and Flames of War understand this...that's why the Codexes and White Dwarf change the rules: to keep it fresh and exciting.

2) Most wargamers that I know build like mad, play a few games, and then eventually move on to something else. Given the time needed to build, its amazing how short the active life of some armies becomes.

3) Most people have favorite rules and play them into boredom (problem #2). However, there are other rules to try and (admittedly) after trying them you might not like them BUT the figures got used dusted off and used again.

4) Wargame authors, like regular authors, imbibe their work with their feelings and thoughts on the matter, For us, it is happens to be things like effectiveness of machine guns, morale of the armies, etc. This seems worth studying to me.

5) Wargaming is a social activity. So while everyone can write their own reviews of anything, it is done along. The rulebook club means you are playing games with a purpose and can share your experiences with other people. We are online, but it can still be a social activity.

6) There is a chance that a rulebook club can have economic power. I think I once read that being selected for the Oprah club can put a book on the best seller list. That being said, I want the selection process to avoid economic considerations. In the system I am trying publishers can nominate a rule set (which I think you did), the rest is left to the will of the people.

So that's the long answer. It is the one ruleset chosen so people can socially discuss their opinions on the same subject. Being on line, we just miss out on the cake and cookies served during meetings.

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Reader Mr Elmo writes:

In this thread, I took nominations for the first book the TMP Rulebook Club would try. Five rulesets were nominated and seconded by at least one other person. I would encourage anyone who wants to participate to pick up a copy of the winning selection and report the results of their games to the Game Design board.

Vote for the ruleset you would like the group to study.