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POLL: Scale Creep & Games Workshop's Horses

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Gattamalata Inactive Member writes:

Likewise, I thought warhorses often WERE the size of Clydesdales.

Clydesdales are a result of 18th/19th Century breeding, though there were Medieval draft horses, they weren't used in warfare.
Medieval warhorses were 14-16 hands high, ideally a destrier, but more likely a courser, due to cost.

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Gattamalata Inactive Member wonders...

GW's horses have always been larger than other manufacturers', fantasy and especially historical, with a few exceptions, and while those 80s and 90s plastics needed to be improved, such as those (creepy) smirking Elf ones evil grin I think the present versions have gotten too large, caricatures in some cases, in contrast with better proportioned horses from the LotR range.

Two examples:
Bretonnian warhorses
Have two boxes acquired through stock liquidation from five years ago and plan on using them as Dogs of War knights with an Estalian flair. With some conversion, could double up as 14th Century Southern European men-at-arms. After consideration, have decided to mount them on the Bretonnian warhorses that were first introduced in the 5th Edition box, though will have to file down a few parts and create a rudimentary saddle, like the one on the present version. Yes, the knights are slightly bigger than the previous metal versions and especially the plastics, but the size creep isn't as significant that these would look out of place on the OOP horses. The present warhorses look like Clydesdales in comparison.
Chaos Marauder horses
Probably aping Rackham and the latter's horses, with one or two exceptions, never looked that great, more like caricatures. Aside from being a PITA to assemble, the present GW CM horses look like stunted giraffes. Again rider size creep, but wouldn't look ridiculous mounted on the unarmored horse, AKA Medieval Horse from the early 1990s, though I'd have to sculpt on a proper saddle blanket and saddle. Anyone know of a better metal or plastic alternative?
Have GW's plastic horses become too large, while rider scale creep hasn't been that significant?