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MaksimSmelchak Inactive Member writes:

Hi Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin and Gang,

First of all, I admire your site, Mark. It's a great one and it's good to see someone behave with some class and set a good example for others.

[[[ Mark: As much as I hang out here on TMP, for me it is almost entirely about the minis. There's an occasional post about something else, but I'm here to talk (and sell) minis.]]]

It took me a long time to get to that point.

I am definitely here for the minis as well.

As much as I passionately beleive in right and wrong, this isn't the best place to talk about such things. I'd rather do something concrete (read take action) about right and wrong in the world than talk pointlessly about something. That was one of the most positive things that happended to me when I stopped spending time at the TMP CA forums, I started doing something about my beleifs instead of talking into corners with them at the TMP CA forums.

[[[ Mark: I rarely discuss politics, religion or other other controversial subjects. Not because I do not have strong opinions, nor I am afraid to voice them (just ask my wife). It's just not what I'm here for.]]]

I don't discuss politics, religion or other other controversial subjects… here at the TMP CA forums any more. I learned my lesson.

I still talk about politics, religion and other other controversial subjects… in real life and even take action about the things I feel are right and wrong, but I don't spend time here at TMP chatting about those things anymore.

[[[ Mark: That said, I've honestly never really thought about it one way or the other. I can think of a few subjects mostly on the subject of the miniatures business in which retailers/manufacturers have expressed some pretty strong opinions. But the two simply aren't connected for me.]]]

Politics have their place and for guys like us and that place isn't the same. Hobbies in one corner… the other stuff in another.


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Sgt Slag wonders:

Do you avoid some vendors' products based on their behavior on the TMP forums? For example, if they behave poorly, exhibit name-calling, or sock-puppetry on TMP's forums, would you look for another source for your gaming needs?