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POLL: If You Are Laid Off or Out of Work, Is It OK To Game?

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Martian Banshee writes:

I've been out of work since June, with only three temporary weeks (at!) in August. I apply to 20+ jobs a week and go to school full time in the mean time. My conscience lets me get in about six hours on one day per month of gaming at the maximum. My sanity, and even my wife, are pleading for more gaming.

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deanoware Inactive Member muses...

It occurred to me today that a lot of people in this hobby seem to get a lot more done than me, and on some of the hobby boards I follow in general like BGG. I see people who create custom character sheets, custom miniatures, purpose-built boards, convention scenarios, and paint up just as much.

I always feel some of these people are either laid off or out of work, and use the time to get this type of stuff done. I know that is not true for all, but often if it is the same people putting out really detailed and extensive stuff, it is just a natural assumption they have more time than me - to wit, they are out of work.

My question is since I am self-employed, if my work slows down or comes to a halt entirely - as it often does for weeks during the year - is it OK to use this time to game or paint or do other involved gaming stuff? Or should I, as I usually do, spend that time drumming up more business for the weeks to come.

I feel if the answer is a blanket "NO," then when will you ever have time to really do stuff like that? Especially when you don't exactly get a two-week vacation, like me.

But, on the other hand, if I use time gaming and painting that should be used to kickstart my business, again do I risk turning that one- or two-week lull into a one- or two-month lull?