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POLL: Blog Topics & Crossposting Order

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christot Inactive Member writes:

Its a terrible thing…but then again, so is not having any friends, or a social life, still being a virgin at 45, and generally having NO LIFE outside these boards…get a grip.

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highlandcatfrog Inactive Member proposes...

Where to post topics that include your blog? Also due to the increasing frequency of misuse, rick-rolling, and "Look at my blog!" syndrome, as well as by this discussion, I propose that all topics which include a link to a blog as an integral part of the OP be cross-posted last to the Blogs of War board (it's under "General," folks, and you've all got that turned on, I'm sure). This way they will show on the front page under the Blogs of War board so we'll all know you want us to check out or answer a question on your blog. You can still post it to whatever boards are appropriate, but you must crosspost to Blogs of War last.

I know that some people with blogs already do this as a matter of courtesy and SOP, but you're a decided minority.

Note that this would not prevent or inhibit anyone from putting in a link to their blog at any time, but it would (I hope) end the rick-rolling where the OP of the topic is dependent upon viewing someone's blog.

Yea or nay?