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POLL: Should the Stifle Be Removed?

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Sumatran Rat Monkey Inactive Member writes:

This entire poll setup is hilarious- all the moreso for the fact that the hilarity was clearly and visibly unintentional.

So, naturally, I had to vote in favor of keeping the stifle. I dunno that I've ever used it- maybe once, I think? And it wasn't even BM…E!- but voting to kill it would be biting the hand that feeds me delicious, delicious mirth.

- Monk

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Gazzola muses...

I find it odd that the stifle mechanism exists on a site where people are meant to read, argue and debate matters.

If I don't agree with or like what someone has posted, I have the simple choice of replying, disagreeing, discussing or simply ignoring the post, as others have with my posts. I have never used the mechanism and don't intend to.

I really can't understand why this site allows, what I consider as Deleted by Moderators to use the stifle, unless such an act of Deleted by Moderator is acceptable. I mean, how hard is it to ignore a post! It has to be an act of Deleted by Moderator.

I think the stifle should be removed. It is not necessary. Those who stifle should Deleted by Moderator. Ban it now.