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POLL: Was Cosentino Right to Resign?

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vojvoda writes:

vagamer63 wrote: “I'm not buying your party line!!!! Plausible Deniability might work in your circle, but it don't fly when the facts are laid out!!!!”

Please enlighten me what facts are you talking about?

vagamer63 wrote: “Why do you need a Promotions Team to send out Mass Marketing emails to all the Wargaming Yahoo Groups?”

In July 2001 I joined a Yahoo Group that was set up to talk about the organization. We started working to get the word out on the internet about our conventions. I make a pledge then that I would put the work out and never again see folks on historical hobby groups ask “What is Historicon”. If must be working as now HERE and on many other hobby list serves other conventions are heavily promoted. Years ago we sent out a PEL to the members, and listed the dates in the conventions books and an occasional ¼ page in the Courier about once a year. Now we are networked with the affiliated clubs, send direct mailings to around 10 K hobbyist twice per year and reach out to around 15 K via the internet. We are working with the affiliated clubs to work outreach at the local level to promote the hobby. Our Conventions serve two main function, one Showcase the hobby and two, energize the base. The conventions have grown steady over the last several years and the organization is at the point we need to start acting as a corporation running the largest historical miniature conventions in the Free World and stop thinking we are running “Uncle Ernie’s Wedding Reception at the local VFW.”

vagamer63 wrote: “Just how many trained squirrels does it take?”

7 one to hold the light blub and six to…

vagamer63 wrote: Sounds more like Self Promotion rather then promoting anything resembling a hobby!!!

If you are referring to me signing all my postings to the internet you are off base. I do not hide behind an internet persona. I claim all my postings so folks know who to talk to at the convention not some guy behind a keyboard and a laptop.


James Mattes

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As mentioned in a recent news story, Michael S. Cosentino recently resigned from the Board of Directors of the HMGS-East game club.

...I was being set up to be the Fall-Guy for problems at Cold Wars 2005, the rates and dues increases, and who knows what else. I will not willingly be the scapegoat for this BoD and for things that it has done, and continues to do as a result of bad practices that go on unabated. I will not be held responsible without the actual authority to make changes and oversee our volunteers or appointees, no matter whose friends they may be. Therefore, it is with deepest regret, that effective immediately, I hereby resign from the BoD of HMGS-East.

Do you agree with Cosentino's decision?