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POLL: Should GZG-ECC Change Location?

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unknown member writes:

Well, I was gone, offline for a week, while this pole was going on, and since it's long ended, doubtful many will see this post, but I'll post anyway. ;-)

Jon Davis has already chimed in, but as one of the other con organizers, let me just reiterate that moving the con would be cost-prohibitive. Besides the fact you have to deal with new hotel staff and new convention facilities any time you move, you also have to deal with losing regular access to a location if you move away and want to come back; likely the hotel/convention place will book another gig instead.

If anyone wants to do an exercise, we invite them to poke around their areas and see just how much it would cost to rent a reasonably-sized room for gaming and vendors, how much hotel rooms would be, and factor in the multitude of miscellaneous expenditures. It'll get pricey, quick. We are able to keep our attendee admission costs down because we've been in the same location for 8 years running, the price of things hasn't risen. If a new group were to move in to the same place and want to rent the same room we are using, they would be paying much, much more.

And as for not being worth a 7 or 9 hour drive, well, that's a personal issue. We have people who easily drive that every year. For them, this con is worth it. For others, it's not. YMMV. I'll drive 7 hours to NC to climb a 500' granite dome, but would unlikely be willing to drive the same distance to climb a 30' rock wall. Got plenty of the latter 'round here. ;-)

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The Ground Zero Games - East Coast Convention (GZG-ECC) has traditionally been held in Pennsylvania. Some are now suggesting that the convention should rotate to different North American locations.

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