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POLL: Establish a Common Miniatures Scale?

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vojvoda Inactive Member writes:

Goldwyrm 06 Feb 2009 6:56 a.m. PST wrote:

Side by side comparison photos of like poses really tell the story much quicker, as long as you have at least one of the figures in the lineup. For example, when I go shopping for compatibles at Cold Wars, I'm bringing a handful of test miniatures.

There are just too many lines and two many eras to compare. Scale Creep has a pretty good handle on 15mm but I dont see anyone doing this for 25/28mm. I too bring figures to compare at convventions. Fact is I spend more time doing that then gaming at conventions sometimes.
James Mattes

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14th Brooklyn Inactive Member proposes:

There is always a lot of discussion regarding the scale of miniatures.

We all know that if one manufacturer says that his minis are X mms tall they might well be shorter or taller then anothers who says the same. Why?

Same manufacturers say it is correct to measure from the bottom of the integral base, others from the soles of the feet. Some say the measure to the eyes, others to the top of the head and still others to the top of the headgear. This accounts for all the differences in scale.

Should we not introduce a "TMP scale" (from where to where the minis get measured could be determined by another poll).

There could be a new field that manufacturers have to fill out on their information page on TMP, as well as in news stories. That way people would actually know what they buy.

Do you support this proposal?