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POLL: My Not Very Big or Fat Wedding

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Swampking writes:

Had a civil service here in Poland when I got married and a party at a local restaurant with about 20 people.

My wife didn't want a honeymoon, so we spent the money on finishing off the house we were building. You have to know your woman [sorry to the touchy-feely PCers out there]. If your friend's woman is one of the Paris Hilton types who believes the world is her oyster, blah, blah, blah, then the money is going to go for the frills of a wedding [which actually makes it expensive].

Admittedly, you do marry the family as well. In Poland, esp. among traditionals, that's literal – I call my father-in-law 'Dad' and my mother-in-law 'Mom' and they treat me like a son [for better or worse]. If your woman has parents who are realistic about finances, they may be able to talk her out of or at least talk her down on certain pricey things, this is what happened with my wife once my future father-in-law heard what she had cooked up. I'll always appreciate the man for saving me a ton of money.

Oh, and we've been married for 10 years now.

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badwargamer writes:

I am planning to get married this year, but the financial crisis is a nightmare. so...

Poll suggestion is...

I will give a donation of my considerable wealth to this sad, pathetic fellow wargamer who wants to marry his beloved partner but is experiencing severe cashflow at this moment in life. I understand that he will happily pay me back when able to, and would gladly do the same in reverse. It will help me stop increasing my collection of unpainted lead.