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POLL: Wargaming & Socializing

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Hevy Phyzx writes:

In many ways, a lot depends on the game (game system) I am playing.

For instance, I have a regular group of friends whom I play D&D with on a weekly basis. We also regularly go out together for various social reasons (i.e. go to see a movie, go to a Renaissance Fair, visit a historic site, have a family get together). The only drawback to this situation is that sometimes the socialization gets in the way of starting the game up!wink

Now, for my WARMACHINE/HORDES games. It's more about the game. Since my association with the folks I play these games with is based on the association with the game, I get together less often with them, and conversations around the table before/during/after the game are focused more on gaming topics than on other issues.

For other games that I play on a less frequent basis (Full Thrust, Vor, Boardgames like Twilight Imperium) I tend to play with friends I see on a more infrequent basis and the Game itself is the catalyst for the socialization and topics will be wide ranging often focusing on what kept us apart for three to four months.

Still, I play table top games for two reasons:
1. I like to play games (Duh!). I like competition. I like the challenge of engaging an intellectual opponent. And…
2. I like discussing thingsacross the table with a LIVE opponent. Everything from the tactics currently used in the game, to metagame issues like rules design, or mini sculpts, to rules variants, to social issues, to making interpersonal connection.

You can do #1 easily enough online. You cannot do #2 satisfactorily, even with a web cam and a mike!

Andy Welkley
"Your Phrendlee Hevy Phyzx T-chrr"

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Writing in Miniature Wargames 292, Iain Dickie concluded his editorial: or lose, it is always better to get the figures on the table and the social side of a weekend away makes for as much fun as the tabletop action.

Which do you find more fun - the social aspect of wargaming, or the tabletop action?