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Malbrook Inactive Member writes:

Not just Bongolesia, but all the nations our TMPers' fevered imaginations have created!

We need the Imagi-Nations board!

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Sane Max Inactive Member proposes:

Once again, 'People who have failed to grow some' are arguing with 'People who feel they have packed sufficient sand' about asking dear Bill to bring back the Current Affairs board.

In all the time it existed, precisely not one CA thread ended "Y'know Jim-Bob, I started out this thread a Rabid Whig, but your lucid, well argued and erudite posts have convinced me to become a Tory. I change my mind."

Instead, people liked the CA board solely because it allowed them to practice their arguing and one-upmanship skills, and to see how close they could get to calling someone a Lying Fascist Running Dog/Mendacious Commie Kiddie-fiddler to their faces without actually getting Dawghoused. People who didn't like the CA disliked it because people were mean to each other, and wrote words they don't like reading, and were unable to prevent themselves looking at.

Bill got sick of the DH'ing and bickering of the first lot, and the weeping and gnashing of teeth of the other, and shut it down. And ever since the people who liked it, and have nowhere else to talk about CA stuff, have whined like a bunch of little girls who failed to grow some, and have no sand.

I have the solution. Just as there are people out there who can get their rocks off with lifelike silicon rubber women with a flexible steel endoskeleton, I reckon Irish Marine and John Holly could probably bicker to their entire self-pleasure about any topic at all, real or not. So, give them a CA board on which each day the Bongolesia nuts can post a topic like 'Colonel Reggie "Clapping Lion" Mngwengwe's decision to use the Capital City's street lighting budget to buy second hand armoured Russian Hovercraft Wise? or Very Very Wise?"

The Arguers can argue. The rest of us can ignore it, as it's about Bongolesia and already beneath our contempt. Everyone is happy.

You may class this suggestion as an act of insanity on a par with my 'Campaign for Square Coins', but give it a chance people I think it may just work.

If a Bongolesia board was created, would you support it? There must be at least 50 supporters in order for the new board to be created.