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POLL: Have You Run Into "The Shuffler"?

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unknown member writes:

A close companion is the guy who lays down his ruler to measure a 6" move, and then picks up the ruler and then moves his unit to where he thinks the 6" mark was. I played one game where a guy kept doing this. My unit, which could move slightly faster, was never able to catch up to his unit. Was he cheating by moving more than 6", heck yes!

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In a post to a toy soldiers mailing list, a gamer describes his experience with:

I call him The Shuffler and almost every gaming group I've been involved with over the years (formally organized or not) has had one. He's the type who moves a unit three, four, five or more times while trying to determine the optimum move...all while discussing the move wtih fellow players, bystanders, and the game-master. The end result is that there is no way to determine the unit's starting point or proper end point.

In most of our games we aren't so picky as to worry about a 1/2 inch or so, but this goes well beyond that.

Some Shufflers don't realize what they are doing and can be excused easily. They tend, when it is pointed out, to correct their ways quickly and graciously.

The Shufflers who I find most interesting are those who know they are doing it, have been told they are doing it many times, but continue to do so anyway.

Anyway, back to my Saturday Shuffler. He had moved a unit back and forth across a fence, down the length of it (on both sides) and back again, wheeled it, and generally finagled it to death before I had to step in and summarily rule his movement finished at the point he, at that particular moment, had his hands on the figures. Needless to say he was not pleased. I've had to step in on situations enough times to not take offence from the "look" he gave me. The collective sigh of relief from the other 6 players was more than enough justification/reward.

Have you ever gamed with someone who fits this category?