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POLL: Is Your Gaming Group Open for New Members?

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Goldwyrm writes:

I run games out of my house from time to time. If I can accomodate the extra players I open up the invitation to others, including folks I haven;t met. I've experienced a small handful of bad eggs running convention games, but none in recent memory that I can recall from games at my home.

I also mod a Yahoo group for local game networking that a dozen of us started almost 4 years ago and is now up over 120 members, mostly by word of mouth and meeting fellow gamers in our locale at game stores or conventions. We only turn away those outside our playing area since the group's purpose is primarily to schedule local games. Within that larger group are many smaller groups that meet for their own types of games. The Yahoo group atmosphere gives the option of cross-pollination. If someone wants the extra players they can advertise their games. If someone wants to try a new system they can inquire if someone else is playing it. It seems to work well with little overhead, because it's not a club, but rather a game enabling tool. It let's everyone be as private or open as they feel comfortable being.

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Writing in Achtung Schweinehund!, Harry Pearson tells about the unexpected success of his Games Club:

Once Games Club was up and running we were fending people off. We had to limit places, putting a strict RSVP on invites with a serious warning that failure to attend could result in the privilege of playing Eagle Games' Blood Feud in New York being withdrawn for good. More or less total strangers would phone up or accost us in the street, begging to be allowed to come....

Is your gaming group open for new members, or do you need to restict membership to keep the crowds down?