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POLL: Banish the Stifle & Ignore Tables?

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olicana writes:

I think, in this case, total ignorance is the safest way to go.

If people want to stifle people it's fine but, it has developed into a stifling campaign against certain individuals where egging on others to watch their stifle count go up has become some kind of sick blood sport. TMP is thought to be a nasty place by some, and I don't think any sort of stifle statistics help this impression.

Some seem to think that a stifle is a tool to poke someone in the eye with. I think it rather ungentlemanly to poke someone in the eye and then snigger, incognito, whilst they are blinded.

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Winston Smith proposes:

The OFM and I have changed our hive mind about publicizing them in the statistics tables, and putting them in a member's profile.

Previously it had been all about amusing ourselves and pointing and laughing.

To be honest, we could have lived with or without them.

However, due to rancor and bad blood over the last few weeks here, it might be a good idea to eliminate those tables and their presence in a member's profile.

It might lower the heat and bad feeling a bit.

So, knowing full well our collective stance against continually voting on an issue, until we get the "right answer", the OFM and I propose that we keep both the Stifle and Ignore functions, but eliminate any easy access to the statistics for "civilians".

If it comes to a Poll, we will vote yes. Well, the OFM will. I will abstain for ethical sock puppet reasons. *grin*

I may be a sock puppet, but I do have my standards. Whether sock puppets should be allowed to vote in, polls is another issue altogether.

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