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POLL: Do You Comment Only on Rulesets You Have Actually Played?

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lanternsonlevee6 writes:

I game in a group where a lot of rules have been covered over the years. While I've gamed some more than others I always try to read the rules, either before or after gaming. There are always rules that I read and don't play. There are rules that I've heard of that others in my group have played- and I listen to wait is said about them. Having said this, I only comment on games that I've gamed and/or that I've read.

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I post comments only after at least three full battles.
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I post comments only after at least one full battle.
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I post comments having read but not played.
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I post comments without reading or playing.
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I post comments without even having looked at it.
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I don't post comments about rulesets.
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Other (explain)
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brevior est vita muses...

Over the years on TMP, there have been numerous threads offering comments and reviews, both positive and negative, on various miniatures wargaming rulesets. In the course of these discussions, I have often seen comments made that run along the lines of, 'you need to have played this ruleset at least X number of times (usually three to four), before you can really understand the nuances of how the rules work.'

I have also frequently seen comments (usually negative) made about various rulesets by TMPers who have (by admission or inference) never actually played a game with them, or in some cases have never even read through the rulebook. And some TMPers, who shall here remain unidentified, have managed to post both 'you really need to have played these' comments in regard to one of their own favorite rulesets, and negative comments about other rulesets without apparently ever having played them.

I am thinking primarily about the many discussion threads I have read concerning various historical miniatures rulesets. However, I imagine that much the same could be said for the genres of science-fiction and fantasy miniatures wargaming, as well.

I am genuinely curious about this, and I hope that such a poll will lead to some interesting and fruitful conversation.

So, which of these statements most honestly identifies your own personal behavior when posting comments on TMP, either positive or negative, about a miniatures ruleset?