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POLL: Should Those Who Complain About What Others Post Be DHed?

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Rallynow Supporting Member of TMP writes:

Agreed, I can make up my own mind. I generally come down on the side of less censorship. I am dead set against the dh and stifling. I also do not like people who whine and complain about other people who whine and complain. I believe you need those folks who complain. It keeps everyone else on their toes and besides it's fun.

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Personal logo John the OFM Supporting Member of TMP observes...

By their logic, anyone who does not post what they see as fit and proper for TMP should... be stopped. How they propose to do this is left in the air. Perhaps Dear Editor should transfer the offending topics or threads to some quiet place where the whiners and complainers will not notice them.

Perhaps Dear Editor should DH those who sully boards with inappropriate postings.

When I see someone whining about what and where others post, I see nothing but some Major Hoople sort, gouty foot wrapped in flannel, shaking his cane and Times in the air and croaking "Something must be done!"

If this is a Group Attack against whiners and complainers, so be it. It was meant to be.

However, I would never take away their right to whine and complain about what I post, or where I post it. I am just shoveling their Bleeped text right back at them. I am offended by your constant whining and complaining about crossposting, "This has nothing to do with miniatures", posting to the wrong board, and general all-around bitchiness.

Carry on, though. I would not want you to stop. Your antics amuse me, and I come to TMP for amusement.