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POLL: Add Ahistorical 1:72 Board?

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TwinMirror writes:

Well, according to most of the opinions expressed so far, whatever the result of this poll, it seems reasonable to split the plastics board, and instead have one board for 1/72 scale (whatever the material – plastics, metal, etc), and another board for 28mm plastics; as 20thmaine suggested, these are quite different audiences, as players in one scale will find a lot of interest across historical periods, but not simply in terms of material.

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TwinMirror proposes:

Fantasy and sci-fi gaming in 20mm (1:72 scale) has been gradually growing in popularity, but currently there are no dedicated boards on TMP for those who game in this scale to discuss their projects and miniatures news in the same detail as that which 15mm and 28mm gamers enjoy.

Without dedicated boards, fans of 20mm gaming in these genres are left somewhat at the margins, with threads appearing scattered here and there across the fantasy or sci-fi discussion boards, the plastics board and even on the 15mm or 28mm boards, like paupers at the feast!

The problem for 20mm sci-fi and fantasy gamers is exacerbated by the fact that the dominant forums for 1:72 scale (such as Benno's) tend to be heavily historical-oriented and somewhat anti-fantasy; so that there too, it is difficult for manufacturers to build a following and their fans to discuss games without posters writing 'but this isn't napoleonics. What is all this fantasy stuff? And why isn't it napoleonics?'

In order for 20mm sci-fi and fantasy gaming to grow, and for companies who produce in this scale to build a following and grow their markets, we need a dedicated 1:72 ahistorical board on TMP.

Poll set up by Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian, based on this pre-poll discussion.