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POLL: Slottafigure Bars: Thick vs Thin

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CeruLucifus writes:

I've gotten used to slottabases and kind of like them now because they give me more options … I can add weight inside the hollow part, carve them if I need to, model up an even more imposing pedestal, etc. And it's nice to have a thick base to grab if the figure is too delicate, and to have standard base sizes for game systems that care. Looking back at the old days when bases were all irregular, mostly too thin, with rough spots needing to be filed smooth, I'd be adding some sort of standard base anyway. And knowing me it would be a material a lot harder to work than that black styrene. ;)

As far as thick versus thin bars, I prefer thin. With thick the figure won't stand up in its base until I do more work. With thin, odds are he stands up fine and also, usually the gap is pretty tiny. If not I have a ton of options: metal tabs can be twisted into an S or Z shape to fit, plastic ones can be wedged to one side with a toothpick until the glue sets.

Filling a small gap like that is such a non-problem, there are so many ways to do that sitting right on my modelling bench: texture paint, carpenter's filler, air-drying clay, epoxy putty, epoxy filler, white glue, epoxy glue, super glue, masking tape, offcuts of basswood or plastic sprue, flocking sand/ballast, sawdust, flock, static grass. It's more a case of using whatever I have out at the time, then when it dries, if any unsightly holes are still there, again using whatever I have open at the time.

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On a figure designed to be used with a slottabase, there is a bar on which the figure's feet are mounted.

Which is more annoying: a bar that is too thick to fit in the slottabase, or a bar that is too thin to fit properly?