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POLL: Hands On?

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unknown member writes:

I bought a couple hundred black plastic bases, both square and round, like GW sells. Got them from a bitz supplier. There's also a Chinese company now that mass produces them very reasonably.

Anyway, I attach the minis (after cleaning them up) to these bases using a tacky white glue, like Ailene's, etc,from a craft store. I let them set overnight to cure, then have at the painting.

The tacky glue holds them well while I paint them, and the minis easily pop off afterwards by sliding an X-acto blade under the edge of the mini's base.

I experimented with many different ideas before settling on this one, and I'm quite happy with it.

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unknown member muses:

I see a lot of people affix their figures to all kinds of stuff, from pop sticks to washers, to pinchers.

I know it's a good idea, as as the paint rubs of with skin contact.

But honestly, I can't feel I have as much control to hold the figure. I need the figure in my hand. Yes, it does mean I have to do some touch-up afterwards (mostly repainting the top of the figure - hat, helmet, etc.).

So, do you hold the figure in your hand when painting, or do you attach it to something?

Poll set up by unknown member, based on this pre-poll discussion.