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POLL: Have You Ever Bought Minis You Forgot You Already Had?

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ranger6 writes:

The question further breaks down to: on purpose or by accident. I duplicate quite a few minis to allow for painting different camo schemes but didn't paint the first ones. In effect duplicating, even though that's not the result.

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Personal logo optional field Supporting Member of TMP muses:

This post (and follow-up poll) led me to realize I have on at least a few occasions purchased miniatures that I've "intended to purchase for some time." Only to realize (sometimes much later) that I already had purchased them.

Just for the sake of clarity, I am not referring to situations where an existing unit is being expanded. Rather, I am referring to situations where, for one reason or another, you only want a certain number of models and you purchase more than you need because you forgot you already owned and for whatever reason do not want more of (for example, unique personality figures).

For example, let's suppose I want to do a Wild West skirmish game, where all figures are unique. I start the project and think, "wow Foundry's Old West Range is fantastic. Once I get done these figures I already have, I want to pick up pack OW1/1." A week later, I purchase them. Life and gaming being what they are, the Wild West game gets pushed aside as some other project suddenly seems more interesting. When they arrive in the mail, they are quickly put into the portion of the unpainted pile reserved for things that are low on the list of priorities.

Years go by and I see Foundry's OW1/1 on sale on eBay. I buy them and suddenly remember how I was so looking forward to the Wild West before sci-fi gnomes suddenly seemed more fascinating. I decide to restart the project, and find that I already own Foundry OW1/1. The figures are personality figures, and have a very unique look, so I cannot use them as filler in a unit. So I decide to put them up on eBay and/or trade them.

Still similar situations could occur because a given set of rules only allow X number of Y model, or one unit of Prince Archibald-Rupert Hexen-Sechtsen's Very Own Imperial Coldstream Irish Highland Mounted Fusiliers (maybe because only one unit existed in reality...) etc.

As one project forces another to the sidelines, I imagine we all forget we own certain things, although I would hope most people are not so forgetful as I.

Still, I wonder, have you ever purchased miniatures because you forgot you already had them?

Poll set up by Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian, based on this pre-poll discussion.