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POLL: Was Fallujah the Defining Battle in Iraq?

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Tgunner writes:

I would say yes.

Before Fallujah the future of Iraq was truly in doubt and many questioned whether or not the US would stick around. Many Sunni Arabs were thinking that the US would bail ASAP and supported the insurrection. After 2d Fallujah that all changed. The US became, to borrow from a certain, former, USMC general, "the Strongest Tribe" and the Sunni started to see the writing on the wall and the "awakening" movement began. Nobody knows exactly how things will play out in Iraq but certain things are known. The biggest of which is this- Fallujah broke the back of the Sunni rebellion and started the rise of Shia Iraq. Fallujah decided that Al Q, the Sunni, and the foreign fighters wouldn't be the ones to run Iraq. It's going to be the Shia.

Now where they take things… no one knows. So yes, Fallujah was THE decisive battle for Iraq, not Baghdad.

But that is just one part from the military side of things. You also have to add in the Battle of An Najaf (the fracturing of Sadr's power and the Mahdi Army) AND the January 2005 elections.

In some ways it was like 1942's perfect storm of Axis defeats: El Alamein, Stalingrad, Midway and Guadalcanal. It took all of these to put the writing on the for the Axis powers, just like it took Fallujah, An Nafaf, and the 2005 election to lead to the Awakening Councils and the defeat of the Sunni and Mahadist movements in Iraq. Granted, there was much more heavy fighting and politicking left to do, but after those events the outcome of the Shia getting the keys of power to Iraq were never in doubt.

The only issue in doubt is what sort of government will be in Baghdad in 10 years… and which Shia faction will run it.

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Uesugi Kenshin Supporting Member of TMP wonders...

With the U.S. mission winding down in Iraq, these questions will soon be asked by many. Just wondering what your thoughts are, or if it can even be asked/answered. Hope it's not too open-ended a question.