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POLL: Are You Biased Against Plastic Figures?

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14th Brooklyn writes:

I would not say I am biased. Especially the newer ones are getting real good (although they are still not 100% en par with pewter minis).
The only thing that usually turns me off is the weight… i like to have some more weight n my hands when lifting up a mini.

But no… I am not biased… bought some of the Perry ACW minis and for the price they are good!



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agplumer laments:

Whenever the subject of plastics comes up - be they soft plastics (1/72 and 1/32), CMG (Star Wars, D&D), GW, and even the new 28mm historical from Perry Miniatures, Warlord and Wargames Factory - there are always negative comments.

For soft plastics, the problem with them holding paint is valid, but can be surmounted. The quality of the paint jobs on CMGs is easily rectified by repainting. CMGs do not need to be random. There are stores and eBay where you can get the figures you need. Games Workshop plastics are well sculpted and set the standard, though pricey. The new 28mm historical plastics are (from the images available) just as good, if not better than some metal currently available.

So why dislike plastics? The painting argument aside, plastics are cheaper, easier to assemble/convert, and lighter. The only other anti-plastic reason seems to revolve around the idea of "heft." Metal has heft and is better than plastics. Are we judging figures by how much they weigh? So a lead 25mm Minifigs Union Infantryman, circa 1978, is better than a plastic Perry Union infantryman, because the Minifigs is metal? I think it goes to the notion that plastic is children's toys and metal is for men.

Are you biased against plastic figures?