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yoshimasa writes:

I voted for box #3 but I realize now a lot would depend on whether box #3 was a random assortment or enough for two full armies of the same period. If the latter was the case, regardless of the era I would take the random assortment. I like new periods.

Otherwise, if it's just a random selection, probably box #2. I'd end up getting box number 1 eventually, anyway.

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Reader PeteMurray wonders:

You've won a contest where you have a choice of three prizes. The prizes are in boxes so you can't see exactly what you're getting. However, the person giving out the prizes is an honest friend and will tell you some general information about each box truthfully.

You can only choose one box. Which do you choose?

Box #1

Prize Box #1 contains $50 USD worth of miniatures for a game or period that you regularly play. Your friend tells you these are figures you either really need or have wanted for some time.

Box #2

Prize Box #2 contains $100 USD worth of miniatures for a game or period that you don't normally play. Your friend tells you that you won't mind these, but they're not something you'd ordinarily buy.

Box #3

Prize Box #3 contains $200 USD worth of miniatures. Your friend has no idea what's in the box, which has a mailing sticker from "Blind Monkey Mail Order Miniature Distributors, LLC."