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POLL: Was WWI Uniquely Horrible?

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Battle Phlox writes:

"Was WWI Uniquely Horrible?"

Yes. Were elements such as chemical warfare, trench warfare, shell shock,and whole scale slaughter in other wars? Absolutely. So what makes WWI uniquely Horrible?

What makes WWI unique is that WWI is an actual revolution in warfare as opposed to a evolution. Earlier wars had aspects of modern war.The American Civil War had a train network for mass transportation. The Sudan saw the use of machine guns. The Russo-Japanese War had trenches. All these obviously had an effect on the war but they didn't define the war.

WWI is unique because all the different elements came together. Weapons technology outpaced battlefield tactics.Generals had to relearn their trade with on the job training, at a cost to their men's lives.New doctrine had to be created.

Infantry platoons and squads became tactical units. Tanks were built. Artillery now typically didn't see their targets.Medical units developed triage methods. Kotex was invented due to lack of cloth bandages. Soldiers were suffering from shell shock. Flamethrowers cleared trenches. And of course, there was the new horror of gas warfare.

All later wars had most if not all the same things WWI had. The difference for the soldier in WWI is that he had no experience with such things. He had to learn them. Latter soldiers would benefit from hindsight. The soldier in 1914 would be a very different soldier from 1918.

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