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POLL: What Kind of Ancient Games Do You Like?

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Jamesonsafari writes:

Wot Ivan and Caesar said.
The game has to focus on which element it wants to simulate and then go easy on the rest of it.
Trouble is we don't really know enough of ancient battles to do a decent job of building a simulation.

We can guess, we can theorize, but we don't really know. There aren't even any first person accounts to give us the grunts eye view like we have for the NApoleonic and later wars.

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Beers and Pretzels
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A History lesson, but primarily a game
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A serious historical simulation
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No opinion
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Bolingar proposes:

This is my proposed poll text, followed by three options. One choice only is allowed, and the poll stays open indefinitely (or at least for a long while).

Having seen what appears to be a drift in Ancients wargaming from historicity to ease of gameplay, I've become curious about the extent of this trend. Since good history and a good game are both good things, there is no 'right' choice in this poll. Nothing wrong with Beer and Pretzels and nothing wrong with a weekend marathon, if you have the time and stamina for it.

So, if you had an afternoon free and one game to play, which would you choose?

Poll set up by Editor Hebber

Beers and Pretzels
This is a game that focuses on ease of play. The rules can be mastered halfway through the first game and no game, including the first, lasts more than an hour. Whilst giving a historical flavor, neither the detail of the play mechanisms nor the overall results make any serious attempt at recreating historical realism.
A History lesson, but primarily a game
This is a game that attempts to reproduce historical detail sufficiently, so that the overall result of a game can be said to correspond, most of the time, to what actually happened on the battlefield. Many historical tactics and formations are abstracted out to facilitate gameplay. A game is concluded in two hours or less, and the rules are mastered after a couple of games.
A serious historical simulation
This is a game in which attention to detail is limited only by how much you can actually represent with group of figures on a base. The needs of gameplay however, are not ignored, such that a game can be completed in a day, or even an afternoon. It takes time to master the nuances of the rules, but once this is done the player has the satisfaction of knowing that his generalship, overall and in detail, corresponds to the authentic requirements of a real battle.
No opinion
No opinion