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POLL: Bug-Out Bags or Emergency/Survival Kits

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Personal logo COL Scott ret Supporting Member of TMP writes:

I do have a bug out bag, 72 hours would be tight, but just because I like to eat. I can hump it and half again more still, I have not totally lost my Ranger training. The rest of the family varies with what they have and their skill in different tasks. As a unit we could hold our own through many disasters.

We also have as a family far more stuff to stay in place or load up a vehicle and move. Looking for a good bug out location- anyone have a good idea?

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Bismarck writes:

A new surplus store opened nearby and I wandered in to browse. Some actual surplus, but a lot of new "copies". Saw a lot of stuff that brought back memories, and some newer issue things I didn't recognize, along with a lot of new camping/prepper gear, MREs, etc.

Made me realize that other than the usual emergency supplies of food, water, small propane stove, basic first aid kit, I have nothing organized or self-contained (i.e. backpack, etc.) if we had to leave. Like many others here, I am way past the age of being able to hump heavy loads up and down hills for several days.

How many of us have bug-out bags or emergency kits that you could get you (and yours) by for three days?

Just to qualify, I am not talking zombie apocalypse type stuff, like more armament and equipment than SEAL Team 6.

Also wondering for those who do, how extensive, and how much is actual "wilderness survival" stuff.

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