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POLL: The Historical Miniatures Page?

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Yesthatphil Inactive Member writes:

Yes, that would still be historical gaming. This is always a false argument. In the context of a historical period and everything else is historical. Correct weapons, uniforms etc. it would very much be historical gaming.

I agree … but the thing that derails so many of these historical or … discussions on TMP is agreeing what the tag historical actually means … an awful lot of things can be historical if that is the intention/if that is what is being explored* …

*(and conversely there is nothing to stop you recreating an encounter from, say, Star Wars, with historically opposed and otherwise plausible historical figures … but it would still be a scene from a Sci-Fi movie … I am a frequent champion of the historical game but I do caveat that with the understanding that everyone is entitled to frame their own definition of what 'historical' means)

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Personal logo Flashman14 Supporting Member of TMP wonders:

If TMP narrowed its focus to just historical miniatures, would that constitute a net improvement or a net debasement?

Not having thought too hard about it, maybe express your answer with the strength of your view of that particular change?

A wash would be 50/50. An unmitigated improvement 100/0. An unmitigated disaster 0/100. Or maybe that just overcomplicates it.

I'll have to accept 1) better off or 2) worse off.

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