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Last Hussar27 Apr 2016 12:25 p.m. PST

Manager said "I'll just do your end of year assessment, and you can sign it whenever, ok?" – ie a standard "Acceptable performance, no thought required.

I explained I wanted to go for a 'Exceed'. She pointed out I'd only been in the Unit 4 months. I pointed out that it was unfair; that being forcibly transferred shouldn't be something that should held against me, and I would expect my contribution to 'O' section to be taken into account. She asked if I could evidence it. I pointed out a lot of it wasn't the sort of thing that produced recordable evidence- I was on top of my work (some days I went and asked colleagues if they needed help), plus I had picked up work for my previous boss, I did this as part of my normal duties, I did that- stuff my previous managers knew about.

I also pointed out the 4 or 5 systems of work I'd re-engineered since moving in January, including something that was borderline illegal until I went 'Hold on a moment…'

She agreed to talk to my former manager, and former manager's manager 'F' (who is a really good manager, appreciated my contribution and fought to keep me, and is not someone you want to upset). She said if 'F' agreed it would go a long way to getting me 'exceed'.

I then pointed out I was also the driving force behind what we are doing on Friday.

"I'm not sure organising a cocktail evening is going to be allowed as evidence," even though she thought it should be.

No, I explained, I meant the fact that I pushed for, and proposed a date for, a big filing reorganisation to take control of all the paperwork that has been allowed to drift for years.

THAT'S why I get on so well with my new manager- her first thought was drinking!

RavenscraftCybernetics Inactive Member27 Apr 2016 8:22 p.m. PST

I would point out that evidence is not a verb but I dont suggest you do that.
What a bitch!

zippyfusenet Inactive Member28 Apr 2016 4:55 a.m. PST

Woody, in the UK 'evidence' *is* a verb. But they speak English there:


I'm pretty sure 'bitch' means the same thing in English as in Namurrican.

Toronto48 Inactive Member28 Apr 2016 9:44 a.m. PST

Your current manager is typical of the "CYA" type that is all too common in organizations of all size and types.

In certain corporate cultures, the safe thing for a "CYA" Manager to do, is to prepare all "Acceptable Performance" in the annual Performance Assessment (PA) Giving a superior or inferior rating requires a lot of documentation and evidence to support it A "CYA" type will not do that kind of work

One reason is to have their ratings come out in public where any criticisms by management could focus on them. For example, why was an inferior performer allowed to continue as such for a full year ? What actions did the manager take to improve things?"

Conversely trying to get an Excellent rating through also requires more work to document examples of work and to show that it is not just a manager rewarding a friend.

As a retired manager who has literally done hundreds of "PAs" at all levels I see a number of things that could prevent your manager from giving you a better rating

1. You are a new guy who is just fitting in
2. You had little evidence of excellent performance
3. You brought up a question of legality
4. You added new work through your paper work reorg

I would recommend that you keep a "Feel Good" file where you keep examples of personal initiatives and copies of Emails, letters, etc from internal and external clients that praise or give you credit for good work You will then have the "evidence" you need.

Finally you should push for a change to your PA performance system Ifit is not being done already , you should argue for a system where managers talk to each staff member at least once a quarter to give a quick assessment This is the opportunity for the manager and worker to decide on what is going OK and what needs improvement Bad performance issues can be addressed and good performers could be given work that would further challenge their abilities and show what they could do n annual PA should never be a surprise but only a recap of the quarterly meetings.

Personal logo lewis cannon Supporting Member of TMP28 Apr 2016 10:50 a.m. PST

Not funny.

Last Hussar28 Apr 2016 11:09 a.m. PST

Toronto – I work for the civil service- The union have been fighting the system for years, and all that happens is it gets more vicious as government cuts go on. Apparently there are now quotas for 'Not Met' markings, a minimum that must be put forward. She's not so much CYA, as going along with a system that has no respect, and in a time of no pay rises for many of us, regarded as pointless. In a recent meeting with the regional director he was told this to his face by colleagues, and he agreed.

The evidence is the spreadsheets, databases and reformed systems, and the fact the unit is working better in the 4 months my colleague and I swapped into there, replacing 2 others and we are now up to date and on top of everything.

Toronto48 Inactive Member28 Apr 2016 12:03 p.m. PST


My experience was in the Canadian Federal Service so know where you are coming from

I retired when a new competency system was introduced where managers had to first rate their employees to show that they had the necessaary competencies ( skills) and were using them to effectively do their current job.

On top of that you had to add achievements and other good things to be able to create a " Pre-Qualified pool" for advancements Needless to say office pets were given lots of opportunities to shine while the not so favored were given jobs wher you had to kill yourself just to break even. The Unions screamed but were ignored

Personal logo Doctor X Supporting Member of TMP28 Apr 2016 3:02 p.m. PST

I've worked in systems where we were only allowed to give out a certain amount of above average ratings – even if your department was full of superstars. So one group who did all the work had the same percent of above average people as the slackers.

Even worse was "you have $x of raises you can give out, divide it up any way you'd like".

Streitax Inactive Member27 Apr 2017 11:04 p.m. PST

Great job, but you were promoted this year, so we can only give you an average rating. Give with one hand, take with another.

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