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Animals - For discussion of anything related to animals, including pets.
Army - For discussion of service in the modern army
Art - For discussion of anything related to art.
Auction Discussion - For discussion of eBay and other auction sites. This board is for general discussion, not for auction announcements.
Birth Announcements - For announcing births and celebrating birthdays.
Boardgames - For the discussion of boardgames that don't involve miniatures.
Books - For discussion of non-wargaming-related books.
Broadcast Entertainment - For discussion of all forms of broadcast entertainment, including radio, television and cable.
Comics and Graphic Novels - For discussion of anything related to comics and graphic novels.
Computer Stuff - For discussion of computers and how to operate them
Computer and Video Games - For the discussion of computer games.
Employment Opportunities - For postings about jobs (full-time, part-time and freelance) in the wargaming miniatures game industry.
Food - For discussion of anything related to food, cooking, fine dining, and so forth.
Health and Fitness - For discussion of anything related to health and fitness issues, including diet and exercise.
Housing and Home Improvement - For discussion of anything related to the home.
Humor - For jokes and funny stuff
Language - For discussion of spelling, grammar, word origins, and anything else pertaining to language.
Miscellaneous Discussion - For discussion of anything off topic that isn't already covered by some other off-topic board.
Movies - For discussion of movies.
Music - For discussion of anything related to music.
News of the Weird - For postings about strange and weird news.
Obituaries - For death notices. Posts to this board should generally show respect for the dead.
Ranting - For ranting about anything (except politics or religion).
Reenactment - For discussion of anything related to reenacting.
Science - For discussion of anything related to science.
Spam, Hack & Phish - For discussion of spam email, viruses, hoaxes, and other plagues of the modern world of communications.
Sports - For discussion of sports.
Tales from Work - For discussion of anything related to work.
Technical Stuff - For discussion of gadgets and how to operate them.
The Law - For discussion of anything related to the law.
Travel - For the discussion of places to go and things to see.
Webmasters - For webmasters (and their readers) to discuss issues regarding websites.